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It all started nearly seven years ago when I thought it would be neat to sell my designer clothes on an auction website called eBay.

As a favor to my mother, I agreed to sell a few of her plus size clothing items as well. When the auctions ended, it was clear to see that the demand for my mother’s items far exceed that of my own. Soon after, my start-up company named Plus Size Designer Outlet was born.


I recognized that there was a demand for gently used premium brand designer clothing for women who wear larger sizes.

What I didn’t know was that while there are numerous online luxury designer consignment stores, there are no real options for women that don’t fit into a size 2, 4 or 6. The marketplace is catering to the minority of women in this country, as the majority wear a size 14 and up. While not all of these women have a taste for luxury designer consignment, the ones that do and shop on eBay are loyal customers.


One of the great things about eBay is that customers have the ability to interact openly with sellers.

The consistent message we receive is that our customers are really happy they found us, because we offer exactly the type of items they want.  And they would like to see even more! The truth is, our customers are unique. They are women with amazing taste. One can almost picture their lifestyle by the items they purchase. And, they do need more.


It is with this mindset that in 2016 we made investments to expand our online presence and selling platform.

In order to be as relevant as possible in the marketplace, we also changed our name from Plus Size Designer Outlet to Curve Consign. Curve Consign best reflects not only who we are as company today, but who our customers and consignment clients are as well. We hope you are as excited as we are about the future of premium designer brand luxury consignment for women who wear larger sizes.


Remember, women who consign with us, make our store possible. Without you, there simply is no us. My heartfelt thanks to our customers and consigners for shaping who we are today!

Deanna O’Hara

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