For most of us, the thought of cleaning our closets is just too much.

Too much pain to come to terms with all the things that are out of sight aready, right?   Until you need that valuable space again, that is! Here’s an upside; you can make serious money from re-purposing these items while also allowing others to enjoy items that you no longer use!

This guide was developed to offer a meaningful approach to help you easily identify those items that should stay and those that should go…and feel good about it as well!

Step 1 – Introducing the KonMari method

A method of closet cleaning, known as the KonMari method was developed by Japanese professional organizer Marie Kondo. This method has been adapted by wardrobe stylists because of its simplicity and effectiveness. We’ve adapted it too!  Simply put, the Kon Mari method calls to only keep items that “spark joy” and to let go of  (consign or donate) the ones that don’t.  The KonMari method begins by emptying all items in your closet onto your bed.

Step 2 – Decide which items to keep & which to let donate or consign

Kondo believes that all things, including clothes, have energy. Clothing items can either make us feel good (a tunic that looks amazing), or feel bad (a bracelet from an ex). Your closet should only contain items that make you feel good and spark joy. Now the process begins! For each item on your bed, pick it up and ask yourself if it brings you joy. If it does, you may keep and cherish that item. For those that don’t, you should thank them for their service and say goodbye. Thanking your clothes piece by piece may feel a little crazy at first, but it can actually help you to feel less guilty about getting rid of them. Items that don’t spark joy should be placed in consignment and donate piles based on consignment acceptance potential.  Repeat this process for other areas items are stored.

Step 3 – Make a final edit and prepare to donate and consign

Time to go back to the items you have decided to keep. Did you keep a few that deep down you know should be let go? Ask yourself one last time if that item has the right energy and represents who you are today. Does it spark joy? If it doesn’t and you are keeping it for some other reason, it’s time to thank and say goodbye. What’s great about this method is that it delivers a closet containing items you really love, and the ability to use those pieces to represent who you are today…your unique personal style! A bonus is that you can also feel good about knowing that the items you consign and donate items will become another’s joy!